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The Life Of A Traveler

Come Share The Life of a Traveler with Alana Best is a travel blog and personal journal of Alana Best, where she brings anyone with access to the internet with her on a journey around the world. From the wonderful and dazzling South Africa, to Egypt, England, Japan and more; Alana will take you on a trip without having to leave your living room. Of course, you can leave your living room if you like, because this blog is here to provide plenty of wonderful travel ideas as well. Sometimes you want to take a trip, but are just a bit short on inspiration, well that is one of the things Alana can do, inspire you to get out and experience! 


Alana’s upcoming book, Around The World In Black & White, documents and shares the life of a traveler and her wonderful family, while providing unique insights and experiences to a myriad of cultures around the world. If you are looking for a great travel book that allows you to really live the story through the words and experiences of someone else, then Around The World In Black & White is probably just what you have been looking for. You can join Alana, her husband and her children on a journey around the globe, in a unique tale of travel, relationships and parenting in the complex world we live in.


If you are ever short of ideas on planning your own grand adventure, or perhaps you just love reading about other cultures through the lens of someone creating a new experience for themselves, then this blog and book are exactly what you need. Around The World In Black & White is a unique take on a personal journal and travel book, showing you the life of a traveler and her intrepid family as they create unforgettable experiences for you to share in.

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